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by admin January 22, 2020
Take MySchool Survey

Take Part in My School Survey

LifeTrack Services, Inc. give a demonstrated way to deal with the catch and revealing of understudy input. Discover how your school has the right stuff in the psyches of your understudies, guardians and network. With our Senior Exit Survey results surpassing a 90% investment and a momentous 61% return rate for Postgraduate Surveys as long as 5 years after graduation, LifeTrack offers a trustworthy and significant, fair outsider program to furnish you and your school with fruitful understudy overviews.

The organization use all techniques to get you the best overview results including the capacity to take studies by means of on the web, telephone and paper strategies. Also, you get the advantages of what separates us from some other overview program, our completely staffed “Call Center”​.

Regardless of whether you are searching for Graduate Follow-up, Exit Surveys, Athletic, Coach Surveys, Middle School Surveys or Online Parent Surveys, LifeTrack’s demonstrated way to deal with the detailing of this basic data is a practical path for your school to accomplish a high level of responsibility and enables you to:

  • Give Tangible Documentation of your Students’​ Success

  • Assemble Credibility and Trust

  • Assess Social and Educational Programs Directly from your Students’​ Perspective

  • Searching for Grants or Special Funding you have to use data

  • Utilize proficient, Easy-to-Read Reports to Analyze your Curriculum

  • Invest your energy Analyzing Results as opposed to Compiling Data

Life Track Services, Inc. is presently offering an assortment online studies to assist schools with increasing significant input. So as to start one of the studies, you’ll first need to utilize the drop down rundown to choose your state. Next, basically select you school and enter your secret phrase to raise the overview.

More on Life Services, Inc.

  • The organiztion offers a wide range of review alternatives

  • Based out of Clarkston, WA

  • Graduate and athletic overviews are both offered administrations

  • There’s even overviews accessible for mentors and guardians

  • The organization is dynamic on both Facebook and Twitter

  • Doesn’t offer retail overviews, for example, the Tell Footlocker Survey

In the event that you have to return a stage to a past segment you can tap the Back or Home fastens before propelling the review. In the mean time, on the off chance that you have inquiries for Life Services, Inc. it would be ideal if you dial 800-738-6466 for help.

Note that www.TakeMySchoolSurvey.com is the place you’ll have to go to start the overview. Be that as it may, more data on Life Track Services, Inc. can be found at the accompanying sites: www.athleticsurveys.com and www.Graduate-Surveys.com. These locales likewise contain a convenient contact structure where you can submit inquiries concerning the organization’s administrations. When rounding out the structure, you’ll have to incorporate your name and email address.

Rules of My School survey

  • Start by choosing the state which you go to class in

  • You’ll require select your school starting from the drop list

  • A password must be entered to dispatch the study

Take the My School survey

To take the survey go to, www.takemyschoolsurvey.com

  • Here, at the middle right side of the page click on, ‘Take your survey’.

Take MySchool Survey

  • In the next middle right side choose your state

  • Select your School or graduation exit year

After that you have to follow the prompts and answer some questions to complete the survey.

Note: There is no reward after taking the survey, you just give good feedback to your school or college, and your educational institution will do better on the feedbacks.

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Customer care

To get more valuable information you can write a mail to, 1271 Port Dr., Clarkston, WA 99403.

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